Why is it called Mavericks?

A maverick is defined as “an independent individual who does not go along with the status quo.” Since we're launching a new school that has no teachers, classes, or tuition, we figured this name was appropriate for both our school and our “students.”

Is it really free? How do you make money?

Yes, it’s really 100% free. There are no hidden charges. In the future we may institute a model where companies will pay us to hire our students for new full-time or freelance opportunities, but our hope is to keep Mavericks completely free for students.

What experience is needed?

We recommend some basic experience in your chosen field. You can view the skills covered in each Mavericks program before getting started and we provide links to additional resources with every project. You can also get help from your peers on Telegram.

Every student must complete Mavericks Orientation before starting their first program.

How do I graduate?

Students graduate by completing every module and capstone within their chosen Mavericks program. You aren't required to complete every project in every module (or to tackle them in order), although we recommend doing so to prepare for the capstone. Refer to the program overview to see project completion requirements for each module.

How does it work without teachers?

The entire experience is project based. Each program consists of dozens of projects for students to complete.

Our students are in charge of their success and for other students. In order to succeed with projects, our students must rely on other students for getting information, resources, feedback, and help getting unstuck.

How many students are in each program?

Unlimited! The more students that join, the better the learning experience is for all students.

What type of private job opportunities are there for Maverick grads?

We partner with leading companies and hiring partners who want access to our graduates. These will be both full-time and freelance opportunities that are available to our students.

Will there be additional learning programs in the future?

Yes, we plan on launching a lot more in the future.

How is Mavericks connected to Skillshare?

Mavericks complements Skillshare’s core learning experience. It’s an exploration into integrating the education and employment processes for specific fields, while Skillshare provides skills applicable to many different fields.

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