Peer Feedback Like a Pro

Module: Orientation | Level: Easy | Estimated Time: 1 hour
Skills: Collaboration, Communication


Mavericks is built on peer-to-peer learning: students learn by getting and giving effective feedback, and rely on each other for information and help. In this exercise, you'll join the Mavericks community by giving feedback to two of your peers.

Productive feedback is:

  • Focused. Avoid generalizations and address specific elements of the project.
  • Supportive. Be kind. Keep the student's feedback goals in mind, and prioritize giving feedback supporting those goals.
  • Considerate. Phrase your thoughts/opinions in the form of questions—this allows students to express their reasoning and consider another angle, instead of feeling defensive.


Pick any two student projects from any Mavericks curriculums (e.g., Visual Design Basics, UX / Interactive Design) and leave productive feedback in the comments.

Get Credit

Add your name to this Project Signup Sheet, along with the names of the students you left feedback for and links to their projects.

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