Peer Feedback Guidelines


Throughout the Mavericks learning experience, peer feedback is an opportunity to give/receive constructive feedback within the student community. In addition to improving students' process and output, regularity engaging in critique and feedback cycles will allow them to hone critical thinking, collaboration, and feedback-giving skills.

What to Critique

In addition to the final output of a project, students may also present documentation, from early to later stages of the project—anything having to do with their workflow, strategy, and thought process that they’d like to get feedback on.

Asking for Feedback

1. Define the Problem

Define the problem you're trying to solve, or the need you're trying to fulfill with your project to establish a foundation on which constructive feedback can be given.

2. Give Context

Briefly offer any relevant background to give your feedback-givers some context to your work. If applicable, identify the scope of your work, and describe any assumptions you made or constraints you've held yourself to.

3. Set Goals & Expectations

If you're looking for specific area(s) of feedback, specify what you're looking for—as well as what you're not focused on exploring during a critique.

4. Share Works in Progress

If you want feedback on variations of a Mavericks project in progress, hop on Telegram and share your variations! When asking for feedback:

  • Clearly differentiate each of your variations.
  • Avoid “selling” others on your work.
  • Avoid disclosing your personal preference to prevent biasing feedback.

Giving Feedback

We want to foster a constructive feedback cycle, without imposing hard rules. Please mindfully consider the following when giving feedback:

  • Keep in mind the presenter’s feedback goals, and prioritize giving feedback supporting those goals.

  • Phrase your thoughts/opinions in the form of questions (Allows students to express their reasoning and consider another angle, instead of feeling defensive).

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