Product Design

Build a Product Design portfolio over four modules: Visual Design Basics, UX / Interaction Design, UI / Product Design, and Career Development. Each module contains increasingly challenging projects that culminate in a capstone incorporating all previous skills.

Projects and modules can be completed in any order. Not every project is required (though all are highly recommended as preparation for the capstone.) Students must complete every module and capstone to graduate from the program.

If you haven't already completed Orientation, be sure to do so before starting this program.

Visual Design Basics (Module 1)

Design Thinking, Color Theory, Iconography, Typography, Layout, Visual Hierarchy, Branding, Design Systems, Style Guide

Completion Requirements: any 3 projects + capstone

UX / Interaction Design (Module 2)

Design Thinking, Competitive Analysis, Content Strategy, Usability & Heuristics, User Research, User Personas, Information Architecture, User Flows, Sketching & Wireframing, Prototyping, User Testing & Validation

Completion Requirements: all projects + capstone

UI / Product Design (Module 3)

Visual Design, Layout, Iconography, UI Patterns, Branding, Animation, iOS, Android, Web Design, Responsive Design

Completion Requirements: all projects + capstone

Career Development (Module 4)

Career Research, Communication, Mentorship, Interviews, Networking, Portfolios

Completion Requirements: all projects + capstone

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