Favorite App Redesign

Module: UX / Interactive Design | Level: Hard | Estimated Time: 3-4 days
Skills: Sketching & Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability & Heuristics, Information Architecture


You’ve put in the research, empathized with the user, and studied the competition. Now, it’s time to design solutions.

Begin by speed-sketching a variety of solutions to the usability issues you identified with your app/website. Sketches are simple, communicative, and quickly drawn: the goal is to come up with conceptual structures, not final designs.

Next, wireframe your most promising ideas. Although wireframes should still be brief and minimally detailed, they allow you to further explore and refine the ideas you came up with during sketching.

Finally, bring your ideas together into a working prototype. The prototype should showcase the new user flows and allow users (and other Mavericks students) to interact with your design.


Present sketches, wireframes, and a working prototype of your improved app/website design.

Get Credit

  • Upload the finished project to your Skillshare portfolio.

  • Write a blurb explaining your design approach and points of feedback you’d like to receive.

  • Add the link to your project to this Project Signup Sheet. We highly recommend linking to your project on Telegram too.

  • Give feedback on another student’s project.


Helpful Articles
Basic Design Resources

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