Android Weather App

Module: UI / Product Design | Level: Hard | Estimated Time: 4-5 days
Skills: Visual Design, Android, Animation


In this brief, you’ll reimagine how people could benefit from a weather app (other than knowing the exact temperature, of course). What are people really trying to understand? Does “54°F and sunny” provide all the necessary context or information users need?

Begin by brainstorming why people check the weather. For example, they might be wondering:

  • What should I wear today?
  • Is it warmer or colder than last week?
  • Are conditions good for surfing?
  • Should I move my potted plants inside?
  • Will the fog affect my commute?

Then, design an Android weather app that addresses one or more of the questions you identified. Your prototype can be as simple or as complex as you like—just be sure to include basic functionality users expect, like the ability to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Lastly, your app should include at least one element of animation, such as an animated launch screen, a loading design, animated user interactions, or moving weather indicators.


Present a working prototype of your Android weather app and explain 1) who your app is for and 2) how it provides value to that audience. Include a separate standalone of your animation.

Get Credit

  • Upload the finished project to your Skillshare portfolio.

  • Write a blurb explaining your design approach and points of feedback you’d like to receive.

  • Add the link to your project to this Project Signup Sheet. We highly recommend linking to your project in Telegram too.

  • Give feedback on another student’s project.


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