Dating App Icons

Module: Visual Design Basics | Level: Easy | Estimated Time: 1 day
Skills: Iconography, Color Theory


In this brief, you’ll create city icons for Wanderlust, a fictional dating app for travelers. You can choose any cities you like (e.g., New York, Paris, Cairo). Just make sure the icons clearly reflect each destination while remaining cohesive as a set.

Start by brainstorming icon styles, color palettes, and images that make each city immediately recognizable. Then, sketch your ideas on graph paper, using the grid to keep size consistent. How might you incorporate the app’s romantic brand into each icon?

Finally, note that the icons must remain legible at small sizes, especially if you decide to include text. The finished icons should be appropriate for a mobile context.


Design six city icons for a travel-oriented dating app. Submit both a standard and a small version of each icon and describe how you imagine the icons being used (e.g., branding, UI).

Get Credit

  • Upload the finished project to your Skillshare portfolio.

  • Write a blurb explaining your design approach and points of feedback you’d like to receive.

  • Add the link to your project to this Project Signup Sheet. We highly recommend linking to your project in Telegram too.

  • Give feedback on another student’s project.


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