Organic Juice Label

Module: Visual Design Basics | Level: Hard | Estimated Time: 4 days
Skills: Branding, Logo Design, Typography


Labels make or break a viewer’s first impression of a brand. What catches someone’s eye as they walk by in a store? In addition to clearly identifying the product, an effective label also uses typography and logo design to showcase the company’s brand and voice.

In this brief, you’ll design labels for a fictional organic juice company called Super Press. Begin by designing the Super Press logo and choosing typefaces that reflect their health-conscious, high-end brand. The labels should clearly distinguish the different types of juices while maintaining a consistent brand identity.

Keep in mind that the printed label must fit on a bottle, so space is limited. Consider which elements of the label need to be readable from a distance, and what information your audience needs to pick up the product.


Sketch and design bottle labels for three Super Press juices: Red Berry, Carrot Ginger, and Super Green. Create a graphic showing each label on a bottle.

Get Credit

  • Upload the finished project to your Skillshare portfolio.

  • Write a blurb explaining your design approach and points of feedback you’d like to receive.

  • Add the link to your project to this Project Signup Sheet. We highly recommend linking to your project on Telegram too.

  • Give feedback on another student’s project.


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