Your Favorite App

Module: UX / Interactive Design | Level: Easy | Estimated Time: 1 hour
Skills: Design Thinking


Choose an app or website you know well and use often (e.g., Netflix, Snapchat, Grubhub).

Then, get ready to dive deep: over the next six projects and capstone, you’ll design thoughtful solutions to its top usability issues. You’ll also build a compelling case study showing employers the research and strategy behind your improved design.

Here are some excellent examples of UX case studies like the one you’ll create:

Be sure to pick an app or website you truly believe can be improved, as you’ll work with your chosen product over the entire UX / Interactive Design curriculum. If you’re having trouble finding a challenging user flow to tackle, look for popular apps with low ratings in the app store. What usability issues do user complaints describe?


Pick an app or website to redesign and explain your choice. Post your choice in this Project Signup Sheet and Telegram.

Get Credit

  • Add a project to your Skillshare portfolio explaining which app or website you've chosen and why.

  • Post your chosen app or website in this Project Signup Sheet and Telegram.


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